Friday, February 5

What a WEEK! and other random things

After the crazy emotions earlier this week, Payton ended up getting sick on Thursday night. That kept both of us home from school today and Maxwell was the only one to go to school. Weird.

Maxwell started school last week. This was his second week and the first time I was able to go see the program. He's actually a little young for the class, but he's doing really well Ms. Chris said. She said that he was well behaved and so cute. They have a letter of the week and also have a "library check out" time. They have snack and show and tell. It's basically an introduction to what "real school" will be like for him someday. The program is only for 10 weeks and then we'll put him in it again in March, with another class I think. That will give him "school" two days a week.

He really enjoys going and is so excited to tell everyone what he's doing there. And he LOVES the fact that he has homework. He likes to sit with Payton at the table and do it each night. So cute!

Matt and Maxwell left for Ohio tonight to be with his parents and for Matt's military weekend. It sounds like they are to be getting a good amount of snow, so pray that they stay safe. Payton and I are home relaxing and anticipating doing nothing tomorrow. That's not really true, but nothing huge.

We plan to clean out his "baby" toys and move some to Max's room. Max's room is currently overflowing with toys, so we'll be doing some work there to clear out the "baby" toys in there as well. I think he'll be happy when he comes home on Sunday.

Well, I'm off to read a book and relax on the couch. Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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