Saturday, February 13

Valentine's Day 2010

We usually don't do very much for Valentine's day usually, but for whatever reason this year we did a few little things. It's not that we don't like to celebrate love, but more that we tend to celebrate love everyday.

I got each of the boys a DVD that they'd like and I found a practical small gift for Matt. A pair of sunglasses. If you know my husband, you'll know he has sensitive eyes and needs sunglasses almost every day. And beyond that, he looses sunglasses ALL the time. We must buy 8-10 pair a year or more. The boys decided on a really cool watch for him.

Payton decided he wasn't going to "get" me anything this year. He wanted to make me breakfast instead. So I was greeted this morning with peanut butter toast from Payton and eggs and bacon from Matt. Not too bad of a start to my day! We spent the rest of the day just relaxing around the house and loving each other. :)

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