Wednesday, February 3


I guess I never thought about how your emotions get involved with your students when you're a teacher. I mean, I know all the teachers at Reach like (or adore in some cases) their students. But I didn't realize how much you want to just care for them.

The principal said today she wanted to just buy a Partridge Family Bus and start taking kids home with her. Tonight, I feel the same way.

There have been a few incidents at school lately that I feel parents have over reacted making poor decisions that will influence their kid's educational career forever. And just yesterday I was personally involved in one of those. In the end, the parent decided to remove their child from the school essentially because they didn't like the rules or the way things go at our school.

When you take your child out of an environment where they are exceeding the goals and meeting expectations and doing well, all because you don't like one or two stinkin' rules...Isn't that the epitome of selfishness?

So tonight, my heart breaks for a child. A student who has to move schools because mom doesn't like the rules. I will pray for this student. That they will find a peaceful situation in a new school. That they will strive as hard as they did at Reach. And that they will exceed as Reach has taught them to. For that is true respect, perseverance, and courage.

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