Wednesday, February 10

Snow Day!!!

Last night, at 10:10pm, I think if you were listening hard enough you would have heard a small cheer go up across the Roseville Area. We had received notification of our first snow day this school year. So we went to bed with anticipation of 8 inches of snow and our alarm clocks turned off.

We woke at 8:15am to our children who were happy to announce to us that there was snow on the ground and no school! We only ended up with maybe 5 inches, but who cares once the call was made, it was done!

We finally ended up outside around 11:00. Matt shoveled. The boys played. I shoveled snow from one side of the front yard to the other in an attempt to make a small hill to "sled" down for the boys. We brought out Maxwell's Bilibo and let the boys slide down the "mountain" I had created. They really had a good time with it. And I'm so happy to have had a day with nothing planned for it!

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