Sunday, August 15

He's a Big Boy Now!

While Maxwell was staying with my inlaws the past few days, Matt and I rearranged his room and brought in a few new things. 

First, we realized the problem with stuffed animals was as bad in his room as it had been in Payton's around this age.  Luckily, we discovered the solution to that one years ago.  We mounded a 48 pocket shoe organizer to the back of his door.  It's perfect for all the animals; big and small.

We rearranged his closet, making his toys less stacked in towers and easier for him to sort through.  That left us with the issue of his dress up clothes.  We already had circles painted on his walls, so I found some 3M removeable wall hooks in colors to compliment the room and hung those.  His dress up costumes fit there pretty well!
The last issue was his bed.  He's been in his crib for 3.5 years now.  We removed the side about a year ago and he's done well, so we swallowed hard and purchased an IKEA kid's loft style bed with a bed tent from a friend of ours.  Another great friend had a free twin mattress for us, so that was great too!

It all came together perfectly, really.  We sent Maxwell a video while he was away and I heard he watched it quite a bit.  He called me to tell me it was "really cool" and "awesome!".  Tonight when he came home, he still felt just as strongly about it.  We played in his room for about 2 hours this afternoon, just rediscovering toys that had been lost in piles or new toys that had been Payton's that we brought in.

As I put him to bed tonight, he was very excited.  So excited he may not sleep.  But I'm just happy he loves his new room.

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