Friday, August 20

School Lunches: Break from the Boredom

Last year, working full time and having a house and kids to care for, I got lazy with packing my son's lunches.  I even let him buy hot lunch a few times a week, knowing full well it wasn't a healthy choice.  But I just didn't feel like standing at the fridge that night saying "What now?!" 

I want this year to be different.  I want it to be interesting.  Changing.  Even -gasp- exciting!?  I know.  I can hear you already.  "Really?  It's just lunch!"  I know.  I know.  But I know my kid.  And I know he likes change, variety and a break from the boredom that can become the standard "cold lunch".

So I'm launching a multi-post blog topic.  Beginning Monday, I'll be discussing lunch box options, healthy choices and ways to make cold lunch cool again.  Trust me.  You're gonna want to bookmark these posts.  Because if you're anything like me, it'll all last about 6 weeks and you'll be bored and frustrated standing at the fridge saying "What now?!" all over again.

Stay tuned for some awesome ideas, thoughts and discussions!

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