Monday, September 22

Emotional Weekend

Matt and I had a great, emotional, trying weekend.
It was very very much needed.
We're more committed to each other today than I believe the day we got married.
But we know we can't make it alone.
We decided to put God into it. And make Him first.
Sunday, at church, we renewed our vows to one another.
We are a long way from being great or healed, but we're on the right path.
We're getting amazing help and support from church and mentors.
Please, please, please...remember us in your prayers.


The D'Alessandro Family said...

I'm not sure what to say other than I'll be thinking about you.

MiaBellaRose said...

I <3 You! (Well both of you ;) If there is anything you both have from me it is my prayers, love and support!

Marissa said...

You have my thoughts, my prayers & my support!!!

Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Gene said...

Matt & Ellisa: You know you are in mine and Dad's prayers. Marriage is a lot of work and you two are going in the right direction. What a blessing that you have put God at the center of your marriage. Not only will you gain from this but the boys will also. All of my Love Mom K.

Jen said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Many hugs and support to you both!

Kim Cervone said...

We spoke tongith in our small group of how Jesus' death makes it possible for us to sart new and leave past issues behind. I'm glad the two of you are making your marriage great. You are in my prayers. xo