Wednesday, September 24

Let's Play A Game! *updated*

Come on, who's in for a fun game?

This is a game we play a lot in our house. It's Maxwell's favorite. I hate it, but I have no choice but to play along. And then of course, Matt and Payton have to play too. Our latest round, we've been playing for 24 hours.

The game? Oh! It's called "Where are Mommy's keys?!?!?!?!"

Yesterday morning, I took Payton to school, ran a few errands and came home with one bag and my purse, including my keys and cell phone. Then at 2:30 when it was time to leave to get Payton from school, the keys could not be found. I thought they were just misplaced, but no! After looking EVERYWHERE last night and this morning, they still can't be found.

Normally, when Maxwell gets the keys, his favorite thing to do is to push the LOCK button on the car remote to make the horn honk. But we never heard that noise yesterday. Thankfully, Matt had an extra key to my car and I had extra house keys made this morning. But still I'm missing the other 6 keys on that ring and my YMCA pass.

SO! You get to join in. Name places you would put keys if you were a mischievous almost two year old and I'll look there. If I find the keys per your suggestion, I will give you $5! Yes, seriously. I'm that desperate!!

Update at 4:00pm:
So still no keys. All morning. I had already looked in all your places, but looked again. Thank you for all your suggestions!
Then...Maxwell comes out of the playroom, pushing the button, making the horn honk.
NO CLUE where they were as we tore that room apart last night. But at least they are found.
I guess Maxwell gets the $5! Oh wait, I spent it on buying new house keys this morning. LOL


Lauren said...

trash! That's where G's hides mine EVERY time :) And all my other stuff. I've found many of my things in the trash!


drawer where the silverware is!

Good luck. I hate when they do this!

Jen said...

The garbage, in toy box,under couch or in couch, under bed, behind TV. Look everywhere and anywhere and then look again!! I hope you find them soon!

Gene said...

Well your friends came up with the same thing I would have said which is the trash, Jason use to put everything there (especially shoes)LOL ,any way how about the laundry baskets or was he out playing in the yard yesterday? Hopefully he did not flush them LOL. Love Mom K.

~Jess said...

I don't know, I am still looking for the TV remote that my 15 month old hide somewhere & is obviously smarter then me cause I can't find it! Good Luck!

The D'Alessandro Family said...

I'm gonna say the same! Trash, behind the couch, and in the closet are Adriana's favorites! Good Luck!

Lauren said...

sorry but i had to laugh!! gotta love kids and too bad he got scammed out of $5 :)

Gene said...

At least someone knew where they were LOL :) Glad you found them. Love Mom K.

Marissa said...

Glad you found them!

I was going to say behind the couch or in the trash.