Monday, September 1

Crying Jag

Geez, and I thought *I'd* be emotional. I never counted on Payton crying up a storm.

I just put him in bed. (yep, it's 7:30pm and they're both in bed. It's been that kind of day.) It started at bathtime. He started asking more questions about school. Tomorrow *is* the big day!! The questions were the usual; "Where will I eat lunch?" "What happens if I get sick?" "What if I don't like someone?" "What if people aren't nice to me?". Then we get into the other side. The side he hasn't asked before.

"What will you do while I'm at school?" I told him it'd be a normal day, just without him. We'd still run errands and I told him that he probably won't have to go to the grocery store much anymore since I can go while he's at school. Then I talked about Max and I doing swimming lessons. He seemed ok.

Then. The one that did us in. "But I'll miss you so very very very much! What do I do when I miss you?" That was it. Tears started rolling. Sobbing started. And that was all just Payton. Maxwell chimed in with sympathy crying. I teared up, but I had to show him that it was ok. I had to be strong for my lil' guy.

"I'll miss you too, buddy. But you'll have plenty of people to keep you company."

"Yeah, but they aren't you!"

Oh Lordy, does he know how to pull my heartstrings. Here it comes...I could feel the tears falling.

We cried together, him wrapped in a towel, sitting on the bathroom floor. Talking about school and how it's ok to miss people. I told him he could get a hug from Ms. Dowker, his principal. I told him I'd be there to drop him off and pick him up. I told him that I'd be thinking about him. I reminded him that when he's feeling alone that Jesus is with him all the time. I couldn't think of anything else.

As I tucked him in and turned out the light, he asked if he could take a stuffed animal to school. I told him I thought it would be fine, but that animal would have to stay in his backpack all day.

I think we'll be ok. I think we'll pull through.

But if I'm not posting tomorrow about the wonderful first day of Kindergarten, you'll understand why.


Jen said...

((((HUGS)))) to you both!!! I hope it goes smoothly tomorrow.

Lorene said...


If you have a copy of THE KISSING HAND now would be a great time to read it. Thats our before bed story tonight for sure. We can all cry together tomorrow cause its inevitable. We're gonna do it. No ands if or buts. I've been crying half the day and actually hid in the pantry so Em didn't catch me. I'm lame. I'll admit it.

Best of luck to you guys tomorrow! We love you!

Marissa said...

I agree with Lorene, The Kissing Hand is the ultimate 'going off to kindergarten' book. If you don't have it, go check it out tomorrow for Payton.

*hugs to you both* I love you!!!

He's going to do great, I just know it.

Lauren said...

That made me cry. I don't have a K going to school but a pre-schooler while I know it's much different but it still a milestone. Many hugs for all you mamas out there tomorrow and for the kids. Big changes!! xoxo

MiaBellaRose said...

Ohhhh dear....The tears have not gone away all day. This will definately be a day we remember for eternity! Hugs to you, Payton - and everyone else going through what we are going through!

Brightside said...


~Jess said...

Oh dear! I am crying now too!!! (((hugs))) & hope the first day goes well....

The D'Alessandro Family said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one crying while reading this! I understand! It's hard, for both of you! Izzy starts preschool tomorrow... we'll see how she does when I drop her off! Take care

Kim Cervone said...

That sounds like the sweet little Payton we all know and love. It might take a little adjustment but he is such aneasy going guy, hewill love it before theweek is out! xo