Tuesday, September 9

Part of the Senior Citizen Community

I have been swimming laps at the Y on Mondays and Fridays. It's a nice change in my workout and I'm really enjoying it. There are only four lanes, and I seem to have intruded a bit. There were four older ladies, all over 65, who swim during that time too. Two of them very kindly offered to merge to give me my own lane. Very kind of them.

On Monday, after talking to them and getting to know them, they suggested, in their kind-old-lady voices, that I stay and take the "Aqua Aerobics" class with them. They said it was "a lot of fun" and "a different kind of workout". I couldn't refuse them. It was everything they described, that's for sure.

During out break between laps and class, the locker room began to fill with ladies in swimsuits. I was by far the youngest, with the next youngest being in her 50s. There were 28 of us. The oldest is 102!! These women are all "young" for their age. Able bodied and free spirits. You could tell they've known each other a long time and run in the same circles.

They talked about summer vacations, husbands (past and living), grand kids and motor homes. It was like entering a parallel universe. They tried to make me feel comfortable, but as they're talking about how LATE the class is (at 9:15am) I'm trying to explain that I'm still adjusting to getting my kid to school at 8am.

The class opened with a "rush" (if you can call it that...more like a slow meander) to the pool. We did exercises that I normally consider my warm up. They kept asking if I was doing ok and reminded me to breathe normally and not to push myself. I tried to contain my giggles. Yes, I was doing well, thank you.

After class, I met a few of the ladies who own a local day spa. We hung out in the sauna because there were more women wanting to shower than there were showers. Again, more conversation of the same as before.

I had a good time. It was a reminder that I have a lot to look forward to. These women are where me with my friends will be in 45 years. We'll be hanging out at the local gym, enjoying each others' company and reminiscing about the "good old days". I don't think I'll take the class again, but I do feel connected to them. They're a great group of ladies!


Marissa said...

what fun! i've done very similar to what you've done and i love those ladies - they are also so kind to me and i hope i will be as funny, active, fit and "with it" as those women seem to be.

keep up the great work at the gym!!!

Jen said...

When my mom took water aerobics awhile back, she was the youngest at her age,LOL!! I did join her once and found the ladies to be so entertaining and an inspiration that I too will be doing those things when I am a senior!

Brightside said...

I definitely hope to be one of those ladies!