Tuesday, September 30

Some Women are so Catty

I am so excited for Payton's school and I LOVE how it works and the freedom that we have as parents at the school. I'm so into it that I've joined a committee. Ok, two...maybe three. Geez.

I'm really excited about the Staff Appreciation Committee. Since my mom is a teacher, I have a great interest and desire to help the staff know what they mean to the parents, the kids and the school as a whole. I'm loving where this committee is going and the other moms on it! We all get along great and share awesome ideas with each other in a positive way.

The second committee I'm on is the Hospitality Committee. We're responsible for Principal/Dean Coffees with the parents once a month and making sure the Parent Room is well equipped for meetings, social gatherings and parents who are assisting teachers during the day. Several of my new friends for the Staff Appreciation Committee are on this committee as well. There are several of us who meld really well. I'm enjoying this group too, for the most part.

The committees have been meeting for about two weeks now and I'm enjoying the interaction thus far. But through this whole thing, I've learned several things. 1) I have some GREAT ideas! 2) Not everyone wants to hear about my great ideas, because they have their own great ideas that they think are way better than my ideas. *insert eye roll here* 3) I'm an emotional person at times and I can let the littlest things effect me and ruin my day. *sigh* 4) Some women need to learn to work better with others.

Wish me luck on this teamwork with women thing. I just don't do it well.


Gene said...

Yes, one thing you do learn unfortunately when working with other parents is that other women can be very caddy, and one word of advise, watch what you say and whom you say it to, LOL take this from a mom who was in your shoes for many yrs. working at the boys schools. But for the most part the moms are great, but there are always a few, always have been always will be LOL.
Love Mom K.

Kim Cervone said...

Forget them!! Find a committee that is all men. They are nicer (usually) xo

Marissa said...

women can be bitches.
catty, catty bitches.

you're brave to join all those committees. i'd be knocking heads with quite a few of those women, no doubt. LOL

Brightside said...

heehee, I was just commenting in this vein on Bob Dutko last week.

Good luck, mama. Don't take it personally. You know you have the best ideas; if they don't want to use them it's their loss. LOL.

The D'Alessandro Family said...

I completely agree with ALL of the comments, especially your MIL. You have to always be careful of what you say because you never know who it will get back to. I've learned this lesson my self many, many times! Well, I guess I really haven't learned yet!