Wednesday, April 8


I'm just as confused as the last time I thought spring was here. Turns out I was wrong last time. I hope not this time. After 48 hours of snow, we ended up with probably 3" that melted off and on throughout those 2 days. All that remains is thin layers in the shade of the neighbor's trees. Matt and I covered our flowers from the snow and when I uncovered them today, there were a few little surprise blooms waiting for me.

In regards to the post last week about my confession, I've come to a new point in my thought process. I'm working to be happier in my skin and my mind. But I also am starting to see that what matters isn't what society thinks of me, but what my loved ones, my friends and God think of me. It's a slow process, I know, but I'm starting to bloom a little more myself a little I think.

P.S. Click on that photo to make it bigger. It's of the blooms out front. Not a bad picture if I say so myself.


Tricia said...

You are as beautiful and bright as this blooming hyacinth! ...a treasured friend and a kindred spirit.
Just as the buds of a blooming flower reach up towards the light, so shall you - and in that light you will discover all that is real. Your transformation has just begun!!
May your journey be as sweet and colorful as the seeds of your soul!

Anonymous said...

The pic is beautiful!!!! When you enlarge it you can see the water droplets which only enhance its beauty. Love Mom

P~Bear said...

Incredible shot. It gives me hope, I fell better already. It looks as though our Maple leaves survived the cold and all of our snow is gone.

Even our worst enemies are often not as hard on us as we are on ourselves. There are very few #10s in the world and 90% of them are probably #4s in there own eyes.

Like all humans you are not perfect but you are beautiful inside and out and you do what you believe to be best at the time. That is all any of us can do.

Love Ya

Hot Belly Mama said...

Ellisa, I think you would really like this website:

It's important to know that 95% of us are oddly shaped as compared to the "ideal" and that sexiness and beauty radiates from us, and is not in our appearance. Plus, you are SO beautiful!

Kim Cervone said...

I think some people spend their entire lives not having that very important realization. Your freinds and family dig you. God, that is a given, right?? xoxo