Friday, April 24

Payton's Big Week

This has been a HUGE week for my big guy. And it just reminds me how fast time moves when you think you have plenty of time to enjoy all the little things.

Monday, he passed to the "eel" level of his swimming tests. He's pretty close to swimming independently and we enrolled him in one more 7 week session to ensure he's comfortable with it all.

Tuesday, he received the Principal's Award at school. It's the highest honor any student can get at the school. It's for the well rounded student who exhibits all the moral focuses of the school, focuses on academics and exhibits a good attitude. His teacher, Mrs. McCoy, said Payton is a "great role model for his classmates". I tell ya', noting makes a momma bear more proud!

Wednesday, Payton lost his first tooth. I thought it'd be gone over a week ago as long as it's been lose, but it finally came out while he was eating corn on the cob. We looked all over for it and couldn't find it. All we can conclude is he swallowed it. No surprise really. He wrote a very nice letter to the tooth fairy explaining what happened and she left him 3 gold $1 coins.

And then today, the big man turned 6! I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday he was born. We had some great events happen today for his birthday; being sung to by the whole school, Matt took him lunch from McDonald's and ate with him, he had two recesses at school, he got to provide snack for his whole class (apples and caramel dip), we went to dinner at his restaurant of choice (what other kid picks Bob Evans??) and then we went to Toys R Us and let him pick a gift (spy gear).

It's been a GREAT week. He's been blessed by many great gifts, friends and events. And I've been blessed by an amazing little man.

Payton, thank you for teaching me to slow down. To look around and enjoy all the world God has given us. I'm so grateful to have you in my life and you've made me a better person. I love you with all my heart. ~Momma


Lauren said...

Aww what an AWESOME week!

Congrats Payton! What a big week for such a great kid.

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

What a Great Birthday Week. We love you P. Grandma K and Papa Gene

Matt and Bethany said...

So hard to believe it has been 6 years since those first few months in Toledo (when I got to babysit a few times). What a little man you have!

The D'Alessandro Family said...

love the pics!

i think i need your tooth fairy to come to my house when the kids lose teeth! ours is quite cheap! :)

Jen said...

What a great post!!

Payton is definitely a great kid and we are so happy to have him in our lives!!

Hope you had the best 6th birthday evah!!!!

Kim Cervone said...

I am not in shock that P received the school's highest award. I am proud of him, to be sure!! Payton, you are an awesome friend to everyone who meets you! Bob Evans is a bit weird but Avery chose Olga's for her award lunch We always knew they are all a little weird : )