Friday, April 17

Real Grown-up Fun!

It's been great!! Matt and I dropped the kiddos off at my in-laws Thursday evening and after a very nice dinner with them, we returned home. At least that was our plan. Until we got into Canton, MI...and I saw IKEA. Would you believe I've never been to an IKEA? Really. I haven't. I swear. But on Thursday I finally made it! I made Matt take a picture of me to prove it:

We spent an hour there drooling over all the fun and cool things they had. Ok. I was drooling and begging. Matt was refusing me all my wants. But that's his job and I'm ok with it. We left with just two items; a flower pot and a gift, so I can't tell you about it. On the way home, we stopped at Astoria in Royal Oak and had a great dessert, then headed home.

We finally got our lazy butts out of bed today around 11am. We had the rest of the desserts for breakfast (who says baklava can't be a breakfast food?) and then did some running around. We had a good lunch and spent a lot of time just the two of us.

We met our "mentor couple", Ron & Kelly, for dinner tonight (HI, KELLY!) and truely enjoyed their company. I shared my internet secrets with Kelly and she needs links, so you all get them too: That's a GREAT website to go to when you're buying anything online. Go there, go through the pull down menu and find where you're shopping and then click. It'll bring up another window with all the coupon codes available for that site. Maybe free shipping, 15% off, etc. We use it a lot for my second secret: A fun and cheap way to try local restaurants! We check here a lot when we want to try something new. And with the codes from we can usually get a $10 gift card for less than $2. You just pay for it, they sent it to your email and then you print it and take it to the restaurant and it works just like a gift card (with stipulations). Matt and I used two this weekend!

And my final secret for all you Michigan drivers; It's the season of the orange barrel!! Check out this site for all the local closings and to see real time video feed of the freeway before you leave the house! Also any major accidents or slow downs are reported here.

To finish of my evening, I joined two great friends for dinner at Taco Loco. It's been two days of pure grown up fun! And I'm so excited that I have two more days to go!!!


The D'Alessandro Family said...

I'm so jealous! I had no idea it was possible to sleep till 11!

Enjoy your time without the kids and with your husband!

Kim Cervone said...

What a wonderful way to spend a weekend.