Tuesday, April 7

A Day of Unexpected Events

Today was a weird day full of events that we not expected, but were mostly great!

The littlest of these was our dog's event. I was putting shoes on myself and Max to go get Payton from school and when I put our coats on, she disappeared. Usually that means she's laying in bed hoping I forget to crate her before we leave the house. But she wasn't in her bed. Nope, she had already crated herself!! She popped the door open with her nose and went right in and laid down. THAT ROCKS!!! She's such a smart dog.

Another surprise, the not so good one of the day, is that Maxwell has dual ear infections. He's had fevers off and on for about 10 days but he hasn't complained (more than usual anyway)or pulled on his ears or anything. The only thing that may have been a sign is that he asked for a hat when we were outside. But he's usually like that...so who knows. He's on antibiotics for 10 days. Better I found out now than the end of the week when we're leaving for the holiday weekend.

Other good news; Payton is losing his first tooth. It's pretty loose right now. I imagine it will be gone by Easter or over Spring Break. He wrote a cute story about it at school this morning. First, I'll type his sentence for you, than the "real" sentence.

Win I wint to swiming lesins I brot sum sareel and a appl.
When I went to swimming lessons I brought some cereal and a apple.
One time win I bit into the appl I flt a loos toof!
One time when I bit into the apple I felt a loose tooth!
I tld my Daddy and my swiming lesin techers.
I told my Daddy and my swimming lesson teachers.
I wus so icsidid!
I was so excited!
Then I wint to swiming lesins. It wint so quic.
Then I went to swimming lessons. It went so quick.
I got to go in the deep end!
He got that one right!!

The tooth, the story, the spelling and the writing are such examples of how my little boy is becoming a big six-year-old very quickly.

In not-so-sappy but equally exciting news, I was messaging my brother-in-law this afternoon about a new camera he's buying. He takes some AMAZING pictures and is looking for a new camera. I jokingly asked him to give us his old one and he said yes!! I seriously got teary eyed and was bouncing in my seat. I can't believe it! I've wanted a digital SLR camera for so long and he has a great one that's a few years old. And it's going to be MINE very very soon!! TEE HEE! TEEHEE!!!

I'm the happiest girl alive right now!!


Anonymous said...

Great news about the camera that awesome!!!!!!I hope Max is feeling better real soon (poor little guy) He must be like his Uncle J, he had a high tolerance for pain and there were many times I didn't know he had an ear ache. All of the girls at the office are excited about Ps tooth (but they are dental hygienists) LOL. Have a good day Love Mom K

Anonymous said...

PS: great news about the dog also, I hope she keeps it up.Mom K

Jen said...

Glad the dog finally got it, that's always a great thing when you don't have to make them go in!

Hooray for payton's tooth and his great writing!

Poor Max, hope he's better soon!

And hooray for you and your new camera, very cool! I am so jealous! My camera is ancient :(

The D'Alessandro Family said...

I love the writing! Keep it for later!

Kim Cervone said...

WOO HOO!!! I didn't even need translation for the awesome story. I must have a K-gartener myself, huh??
Also, Daisy goes in her crate on her own too. Nice change from Austin who ATE through three cages!