Wednesday, July 22


My new blogger friend, Audrey, at "Stage 3! Who Me?", has blessed me with a blog award. Only my second since I started blogging what seems like forever ago.

Audrey writes a great blog, takes amazing pictures, has great courage and strength and tells an amazing story. She's a survivor and has the faith and determination to make life work for her. She's is an inspiration to me...and becoming a friend. Be sure to check out her stories and even become a member so you can see her updates.

This is the award that has been bestowed on my blog by Audrey.

Because of this award, I have to name my 7 favorite things.

1. my husband, I've been blessed
2. my children, I've been challenged
3. my family (birth & in-laws, close & extended), I've been supported
4. my church family, I've been encouraged
5. my friends, I've been heard
6. photography, I've been inspired
7. life, I've been given an amazing one

And my seven fellow bloggers I choose to share the Kreativ Blogger Award with are...

Danielle, "Finally Finding Me...I Think" (an inspiration for my life)
Heather, "Beauty That Moves" (she's so very creative)
Marissa, "One Tantrum Away From A Breakdown" (my very first blog I followed)
Jessica, "Jessica Wood Designs" (she has a great eye for photography)
Michelle, "The D'Alessandro Family" (her stories of life crack me up sometimes)
Emma, "The Wehrman's" (a new blogger, an inspiration, and a great photographer)
Lisa, "The Human Race 600" (who reminds me that there is hope...kind of...for my future parenting years)

Thank you, again, Audrey. ♥ I'm honored you thought of me.


Anonymous said...

Elissa - you are so poetic in your words. Thank you for the kindness you have bestowed on me with your words. But more than that, thank you for the joy you bring me with your stories and your clear love of the important things in life - family, faith and friendship. YOU inspire me!

And thank you for your words about Kerri - I adore her and seriously, if you knew her in person, she is even better than her blog portrays. I am blessed to have her in my life!

Congratulations to all of your award apointees. I will check them out!
- You friend from China!

P~Bear said...

I suspect that the only reason you get awards on your web site while I don't is because you have the artistic ability, creative, and talent that I lack.

The D'Alessandro Family said...

Thanks! You deserve the award!

This will sound dumb (mostly bc I'm not too quick), but should I now post the award on my blog and appoint people? I don't know 7 people, but that's ok! hehe

Kathryn Magendie said...

Congrats on your award; and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment *smiling*

Ellisa said...

Yep, you should Michelle. Accept and pass it on to as many as you can. my first award, i browsed through other blogs until I found some I liked. Then I started following them and now they're "friends" of mine.

Emma said...

Thanks so much, Ellisa! :) I love being "blogger friends" even if we've only met once. :)

Brett said...
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