Saturday, July 18


This is the weekend of no "real" plans, and I'm loving it.

Yesterday, after a great morning at George George park with friends, we traveled to Toledo to cheer up my mother in law. She had to, along with her father, make the decision to put her mother in an assisted care facility. She's just no longer able to live at home. I know it's been really hard on her making the decisions and doing the leg work, so we wanted to go cheer her up. I'm not sure it worked, but we were definitely a distraction at least.

This morning, since it's supposed to rain this afternoon, I took the boys to our favorite farm, Wolcott Learning Farm. We had just planned to see the animals, but the Lavender Festival going on. We had lavender cake, lavender lemonade, lavender cookies and even lavender honey. We did see the animals, went for a nice wagon ride and found some great local vendors I hope to use in the future for some handmade gifts.

The boys are playing the Wii right now and we're just going to play in the backyard until the rain. Then this evening, I think we'll watch a movie...if I make it to the movie store.

I hope you're having as fabulous a weekend as we are!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for coming down and cheering me up it really means a lot. Love Mom K

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to your Mother-in-law. Even though they are doing the right thing, that can't be an easy choice to make. I am happy that you went to be with her for a bit. There is nothing like the sounds of children to make our worlds right again.

Kim Cervone said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I hope in your MIL's heart, she knpows that she made the best decision for mom, even if it was one of the toughest she's ever made.xoxo to mom K