Thursday, July 2

"time for work"

Maxwell has the funniest faces, words and expressions lately. I know my in laws love it when he says "Yeah, for sure!" My personal favorites are "Efelent" for elephant and "Chalkoolet" for chocolate. My mom cracks up every time he asks for a Popsicle by saying "soccerball".

But he's also been mimicking all the grown up things he sees Matt and I doing. Today, as Matt was getting ready to leave for work, Maxwell picked up a spare set of keys and came around and said "Kisses Time!" We all gave kisses and then Maxwell put his shoes on and informed us that he was leaving for work.

He's becoming quite the little man. Luckily, he's been leaving the markers alone for now.


Anonymous said...

He does make me laugh and smile soooo much, you have no idea how much he and P make me feel better when I'm not feeling well, they are the best medicine ever Love Mom K

Audrey said...

Awww what a sweetie! Is this the one who thinks that Canada is really China? I love that story!

Ellisa said...

Thanks, Audrey. This is my two year old. It's my six year old that is learning geography. ;)

T said...

Such a cutie pie!

Thank you for stopping by my site - I enjoyed your comment!

Kim Cervone said...

Those are the little things that melt your heart, aren't they??