Tuesday, July 28

a wild one: pictures

On Sunday, since we were in the Toledo area and needed something to do, I followed a friend's advice and took our family to the African Safari Wildlife Park. My mother in law and my brother in law joined us as well.

We made the drive, just over 1 hour from Toledo, to Catawba Island near Port Clinton, Ohio, to the park. We had printed the carload coupon off their website, so it was only $30 for 4 adults and 2 kids to get it. For that price, we were able to drive through the park as many times as we wanted that day, the kids could ride the pony once each, there were other animals to see inside and, Maxwell's favorite thing, watch the pig races.

We really had a great time and spent four hours at the park. We really could have stayed longer, but we were pushed for time to get back to Michigan. We went drove through the safari twice and spent a lot of time inside.

My biggest complaint would have to be the cost of food and drinks, but isn't this the issue at every public venue now a days? The food for 2 adults and 2 kids was $25. The water bottles were $3 a bottle!!! crazy talk! I would recommend bringing a cooler filled with water and beverages and packing a picnic lunch.

On the drive through safari, I was surprised and how many of the animals came to the car. We had purchased carrots from the grocery store before we left home (carrots there are$4 for 1lb and $6 for 2 lb) and the animals took them right from your hands. There were HUGE bison/buffalo, oxen and a few others. There were tons of deer and a few giraffes and zebras as well. They'll give you food pellets for the animals in a plastic cup, but the stronger animals just take the cups and run. I wouldn't buy any extra of those.

Overall, it was an amazing and very cool experience. We will definitely go back before the carload coupon expires. The kids loved it all and are still talking about it today. I give it 4 out of 5 thumbs up.


Kim Cervone said...

how awesome!! Where did you get the coupon??

Ellisa said...

on their website

Jennifer said...

Very Cool!!

Ann said...

I am sureyou all had a great time, and the definitely will rememebr this trip. I recall driving through Toledo, thouigh not the Safari. May be it wasn't there when I was in Windso. Happy Birthday, I was there before you were born. May be I should make a trip down memory lane.



At one of the trips, near the Niagara falls, I saw a baffalo giving birth. Not something I see everyday. Parents were showingthe calf to their children