Wednesday, July 29

season ended

Payton has finished his second year of t-ball. And honestly, I don't think he really cares. Most of you know P is my intellectual child. He couldn't care less about riding a bike (still hasn't learned), playing any sports (we've tried a few now) or playing outside (it's like punishing him). Heck, Maxwell was more excited about going to t-ball than Payton ever was. Max would stand at the fence and watch every play.

Sports are a social time for P. He wants to help the coaches and cheer on his teammates, but does not want to practice or improve his game. He really has a good time, but it's not because of the game. I think we're going to stop putting him in team sports for awhile. This fall he has the choice of a few activities, all of them more individual activities. I'm hoping he can find a niche. But if not, we'll put him on the chess team or something.

Here are the "best of" from this season.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a chess team LOL His PaPa was on one in school. Love Mom K

Jennifer said...

He'll find his niche soon enough. But he was the cutest one on the team!

Anonymous said...

Hey, chess team kids are cool! So are Band geeks. I had 2 of them :)

Anonymous said...

My dd just learned to ride her bike at 9. Was more interested in drawing, writing.