Wednesday, July 29

one year with Missy-dog

It was exactly one year ago today, that I made the questionable decision to pick up Missy, our now almost 2 year old smooth fox terrier. I'm still not sure if that was the right thing or not. I'm happy I rescued her from her home, but I'm not sure we were the ones meant for her. Don't get me wrong, I love her. I mean, I question everything from time to time; my marriage, becoming a mother, my career, my life in general. Why should the dog not be part of that equation??

However, she's become part of family. She's beautiful and for the most part well behaved. She loves to run, chase the ball and go for walks. She walks better on the leash and listens to me better than anyone else too, so I guess that I have an upper hand. She also digs holes in the backyard and kills birds; neither of which I've found a way to control. But, she has a LOT of patience for the kids.

She still doesn't fully trust men. And she's grown more leery of other dogs since being attacked at the dog park in the spring. We plan to put her in obedience school in the fall and eventually hope to do obstacle courses with her in a few years. She has the frame, speed and's just that listening part we have to work on.

Ah, well. Happy Anniversary of coming to our home, Missy. You're one lucky dog!

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