Tuesday, August 11

becoming a veggie...kinda...maybe

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. And I think I'm about there. I'm going to become a vegetarian again...on some level.

I was for a year or two back in high school and I remember feeling well and healthy. Back then, my parents did the managing of what I ate, but now I'm more aware of what my body needs and how to get it.

I'm not sure how much meat I'll be giving up yet. I know red meat for sure. For the last year or so, when I've had a steak or a "great" burger, I've not been "well" after wards. And I feel those effects for a few days really.

I'm not a big fan of chicken anyway. I'll eat it here and there, but maybe two times a week. I'm sure I can live without that. I'm all for fish. I actually wish I knew how to cook it better and do more things with it. I think I'd really like it, and Matt loves it too. The hardest thing for me will be bacon. Who doesn't love bacon!?!

There's no way I could become a vegan. I love ice cream, cream cheese and cheese too much!

My reasoning isn't because of animal rights or because of chemicals and medications in the meats (although I'm not a fan). It's because I don't care for meat much anymore and it's just not seeming to do a lot for me.

I don't expect special meals in my honor. I'm fine with picking meat out of a dish and dishes made with chicken stock and such. Just make some extra veggies when I'm coming your way. And maybe some bacon.

Any veggies out there wanna share your thoughts??


Kim Cervone said...

I could give up meat fairly easily...especailly if I could replace itwith chocolate. Now, if I could give that up, I would probably be hte picture of good health. Enjoy your renewed decision. When we get together next, I will give you a copy ofa yummy walnut encrusted tilapia with raspberry sauce. xo

Anonymous said...

Lets figure out good fish recipes together. Ron thinks he can't live without beef (you know it's what's for dinner!) but if the fish was good, I know he'd only eat beef when we went out (mostly).
I feel the same as you, it wouldn't be hard to give most of it up, most of the time :)