Monday, August 24

first day of school

Not for the students, but for me. And not to take classes, but to assist in the teaching of them.

I'm leaving in 15 minutes for my first of 9 days of conferences and seminars and sit downs with our leadership team and all my co-workers.

I hope to determine more about what I'll be doing exactly and finding a more comfortable position in this process.

Pray for me. And the kids. Today is their first day at "Ms. Sherri's" house, where they will spend about 16 hours this week. And pray for Matt. His role as part-time stay at home dad, will challenge him at times to accomplish cleaning and errands while managing out "bold" 2.5 year old.

Big changes all around!


Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

I'll be thinking of you and praying that you all adjust easily to your new schedules! Love ya!

Matt and Bethany said...

If Matt needs ideas... Lexi & Jill are home with daddy for 2 11-hour days each week! I am quite proud of him!

Caution Flag said...

Those are huge changes, so you know I'm praying for you all :)