Sunday, August 9

camping tiffisa style

The weather ruined the plans Tiffany & I had for a great weekend of camping. Instead, we camped Tiffisa Style; Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum & Splash Universe Waterpark in Dundee, MI.

Camping Games & Fun

Camp Food

Roughing it in the Wilderness

Real Camping BBQ, delivery

S'mores (ala microwave)

Surrounded by Wild Animals

Lydia with her flashlight and squirt gun ready to fend of any animals who decide to attack

Nate, not amused by the "babies" sleeping on either side of him, or the mommies in the front seat who think the entire situation is hilarious.

It was 24 hours full of laughs, love and going with the flow; that is what Tiffisa is all about. In the end, everyone escaped the weather in one piece and happy...with bumps, bruises and cuts along the way.


Tiffany said...

Thank you Lovie for such a wonderful time!

Caution Flag said...

Now this is camping I understand! You must be the queen of flexibility! We've never been to that hotel. Was it worth it?

Thanks for the award you sent the other day. You're a sweet gift-giver.

I've been praying for you and yours regarding the job adjustment. It will be hard...and it will be wonderful - eventually :)

Jen said...

YAY!! Now that's my kind of camping! Glad you had fun!!

Love the pic of Nate,LOL!

Kim Cervone said...

That is my kind of camping.