Monday, March 1

Really? It's been that long?

Wow. I guess it has. Wow has life been busy.

Well, I survived Scholastic Book Fair week at school. It's so incredibly time consuming and stressful. I'm so glad when it's over, but I'm so proud of the money raised and the kids reading with new interest. I've also launched the Accelerated Reader program at Reach. That has been, also, very time consuming. I'm starting to see interest and results from the students, so every bit of work seems to be worth it.

I've started my new "lit" groups in the afternoons too. This time, instead of taking 10-15 students and doing book studies, we're working on comprehension tools in groups of 3-6. It's been great having smaller groups and specific tools and tips to give them. We'll dive into books when we have a few tools under our belts and use them in our reading.

The boys are fantastic. Payton has been doing great in school, of course. He's developing a few bad habits in his work that we're trying to nip. But nothing life altering or anything he can't overcome with instruction. Maxwell is doing amazing. He knows all his uppercase letters, most of his lower case, almost all his phonic sounds, and can spell a few words.

I'm teaching sign language after school to 4th-6th graders, so we've been working on that at home too. Payton is learning a lot. Maxwell is working on the 3 letters to spell "MAX". That's all he cares about right now.

Matt is doing well too! He's been suffering from some back pain and went to the doctor today. They put him on physical therapy and some drugs. Hopefully they start to take effect. He's been incredibly giving the last few weeks with all the stress I've been under at work.

Last week, he asked me to meet him and the kids at a local Italian place we like for dinner. When I arrived, my family wasn't there yet. I got a table and then, I heard "MOMMY!!" Matt had stopped to pick me up a beautiful bouquet. So thoughtful! He even "let" me go out with my friends on Friday night. SO needed!!!!

I finally caught a break this weekend. The boys and I spent a lot of time doing nothing. That was GREAT!! One thing we did do: Build A Snowman!! I'm so ready for Spring!

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