Sunday, January 27

He's a year now.

We had Maxwell's first birthday party yesterday. It was a great success. 35 family and friends came to my inlaw's home for a dinner of chili and great fun. We had a home filled with balloons and decorations. I made a cute cake, but nothing like I normally make. But cute none the less. Maxwell LOVED having his own cake to eat. He slowly picked off all the frosting and then ate the cake by the fist full.

I loved having so many of our friends there. It's so nice to have friends who have kids the same age. Our godson came over and loves playing with Payton. And my college roommate came over with her sister and their kids. It really was a special day, being able to hang out with so many friends and all Matt's family as well.

We really missed all our brothers though. Unfortunately none of them were able to make it this year. I know it's hard because none of them are local to Toledo and are spread all along the coast really. We missed you Loren, Jason, Damon, Jason & Jeff. We hope to see you really soon.

Another great party has passed. Now, to focus on Payton's birthday party in April. He wants a Mario Bros. party...if anyone has any ideas, let me know!

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