Saturday, January 19

My inlaws

They really are a blessing in my life. Most people I know don't get a long with their inlaws, but sometimes, I think my inlaws are easier to get along with than my own family. My Father-in-law told someone once, "She is the daughter we always wanted." Do you know how special that makes a girl feel??!!

I'm sick today. My lil' babe is sick today. My loving husband, knowing he was working 12 hour shifts the next 4 days and won't be home to help, called his dad this morning and asked him to come get our 4.5 yr old. And my father-in-law did. Willingly. Happily at that. He actually asked if he could take them both! Now if that lil' babe wasn't nursing every 2-3 hours while he's sick, I surely would have sent him too!

I'm so lucky to have inlaws that care about me and my family so much that they would inconvenice themselves for 3 days to care for my son so I can recover from my sickies.

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