Wednesday, January 30

My big lil' man

It occurs to me that I have been focused on Maxwell turning one so much lately, that I haven't really talked about Payton, my 4.5 yr old son.

He is so bright. He's the light of my day, most days. ;) He is so smart and such a well mannered boy. I wish I know what I did to make him turn out so well because I would be doing it with Maxwell too.

Payton always wants to help. He puts away groceries, cleans up messes, puts away his laundry, helps empty the dishwasher...and he gets upset if he's NOT able to help. He is always looking out for his baby brother and makes sure that Max has something to play with or something to eat when he does.

He says the most amazing things sometimes and I'm in awe of the things he thinks of. He knows his bible stories better than some adults and he is learning to quote scripture. He loves going to church and school and does so very well at both.

He's a clutz (see the scar between his eyes...and there's another one under his chin). He doesn't walk very well and falls a lot still, even though he's almost 5. He just doesn't pick up his feet and tries to walk too fast I think. Through all that, he's determined though. When he falls or hurts himself, he says "I know I'm ok!" and rarely cries.

He loves to play the Wii, do puzzles, read books and is amazing at the computer. He loves video games like Putt-Putt and I Spy. He's anxious to learn to read and I think he will be reading by fall.

So that's my lil' man in a nutshell. I love him. I'm so glad he was my first born. And I wouldn't trade him for anything...most days.

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