Thursday, January 31

Some Assembly Required

Payton really wanted to put together Maxwell's "bike" that he got from Auntie Tiffany for his birthday. So Matt decided that today was the day and they got started. And Maxwell wanted to help too. Before long, from the kitchen, I hear "Where is that bit?" "Maxwell, no tools!" "Honey, can you please help me?!"
I suppose the nice thing to do would have been to stop taking pictures and laughing and get the boys away, but I just couldn't. So here are the boys "helping" Daddy build the bike. Ahhh...I just love Daddy-time!


Lorene said...

Daddy time is the greatest. Especially when you can stand back and laugh and take pictures.

Tiffany said...

hee hee hee- I hope these aren't the only hours of fun it brings...but if it is it was worth it :p

much love

Marissa said...

i love them all -- and you for stopping, laughing and recording the memory!!! :D

MiaBellaRose said...

Awwww - I love them boys!