Thursday, October 2

Teachers don't get paid enough!

This morning, Payton asked me if I would go to morning assembly with his class. Seeing as I had nothing else to do, I figured it was as good a time as any. So Max and I went and enjoyed it.

On the way out, I asked his teacher if I could do anything to help her. Max and I didn't have any plans this morning, so I may as well make myself useful. She couldn't have been happier!! She gave me one thing to do and each time I went back, she found more for me to do. I don't think it was too hard for her to find things. She normally does them on her lunch or at home in the evenings. Personally, I would hate taking all that home with me everyday. It's nice to leave work at work!!

So Max and I spent 2.5 hours at school today, preparing worksheets and such for his classroom. I feel so useful!


Marissa said...

color. me. envious.

i'd do what you did HAPPILY if only the kids' schools would allow Everly to be there with me. they absolutely won't let me bring her and i'm not getting a babysitter to stand in the copy room, help or not. its a freakin' shame. ::hangs head::

The D'Alessandro Family said...

you're so nice!

i try to help mike when he brings home zillions of papers to grade (high school english) since i have a degree to teach the same subject. i figure if i can't help markus' class (because of the girls), atleast i can help someone!

good for you!

Kim Cervone said...

As my mom would say, "Brown noser!" Kidding, of course. I'm sure teacher enjoyed her evening with her family!