Monday, December 8

The build up

We're nearing the final stretch here. Christmas is just 17 days away!!!

I have more than half our shopping done...and I've run out of money from this paycheck. I guess we should pay bills instead. Hopefully we'll get it finished before Christmas. It helps that my family decided not to buy for one another this year. And Matt and I don't buy for each other either.

And while we left our kids' names in, Matt and I pulled our names out of the Kobylak Family gift exchange for the second year in a row. I don't need a $25 gift to know that they love me or think of me. I don't feel slighted, or embarrassed. I'm not there for the gifts. I'm there for the family, the memories...and the perogies!

The house is as decorated as it's going to get. I'd like to get a new tree stand because our tree is currently leaning...against the wall. Yeah. Maxwell. Need I say more?

I haven't wrapped a thing. I save it all for one night. I like to light candles, put in a Christmas movie and do it all at once.

So, really, this Christmas season hasn't been "bad" for me at all. I've enjoyed it. I've attended a few Christmas events, including a production at our church. Payton's children's performance at church is in 2 weeks and then just a few days until the travel begins. I will be driving about 14 hours in a period of 7 days this year. Just me and the boys!

That's the part I'm NOT looking forward to!!


The D'Alessandro Family said...

We do the same thing: we leave the kids name "in" and take ours "out" of our family exchange AND do all of our wrapping on one night. We always wrap on Christmas Eve while watching A Christmas Story (24hr marathon on TBS).
I don't envy you with the driving. Have fun with that!

Gene said...

I am defiantly there for the Perogis also LOL. Can't Wait for Christmas Eve with all of you. Love Mom K.

Lorene said...

Pierogis? Where? I'm in!

I can't wait to wrap! I think Jay and I are going to get started this weekend.

And can I just say...I. LOVE. MAXWELL! I get the feeling that he and Cecelia may make a perfect pair. She is young- but she is already so "adventurous." Haha.