Friday, December 19


Just as predicted, we have received about 6.5 inches of snow so far since early this morning. The weatherman was right this time! They canceled school around 5am. But I didn't find out until 7:15am. I went right back to bed. Payton played on the computer (I love the independent age!) and Max slept until 8:30am!!! Matt got up with the boys and I slept another hour. nice having him home.

When I finally rolled out of bed, Matt and Payton went out to shovel. I got Max snowgeared up and we went out, taking Missy with us on the leash. She LOVES the snow!!I'd love to let her run and romp in the front yard with us, but she'd take off.

We shoveled and played for about 30 minutes then came inside. Matt's gone to work now and the boys and I are just hanging out. I think we'll work on some more pumpkin bread loaves for our neighbors. And some sugar cookies. And maybe P's gingerbread house while Max takes his nap.

Here are some pictures from this morning. Enjoy the snow!! If you can. Especially you Aunt B! I'm sure this in a big change from Texas. ;)

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Kim Cervone said...

Am I the only mom in MI that DIDN'T take part in snow play during our snow day???