Tuesday, December 30

Christmas 2008 Summary: the travel days

Christmas never seems to be a time for us to relax. We just go, go, go. We did make a decision that from now on, if Matt is off work on Christmas Day, we'll not be traveling to Ohio except for Christmas Eve with the Kobylak family. It's too much to be away for too long and Matt misses a lot of the kids' Christmas. And we want our own traditions.

I digress. This year, we started on the 23rd with a present opening for just the four of us. The boys were THRILLED with their gifts and Matt got a "Dad" pen from Payton and I got a bubble bath from him. He loved picking out his own gifts for us this year. Maxwell's favorite gift (for this part anyway) was his guitar. Payton's was his long awaited Leapster 2.

Later that night, after some more shopping and playing in the snow, we made "Christmas Tree Pizza", our newest tradition that I'm sure will stick. Payton loved decorating it and we made it in "Food Network Challenge" style so it was a competition. And it was tasty!!

Christmas Eve Day, we traveled to Toledo to be with my inlaws for the HUGE Kobylak Family Wagilia that we have every year. It's something I really look forward to and enjoy. The boys had a great time with all their cousins and family around them. And the presents...oh the presents. They made our like bandits, as they do every year.

Christmas Day was spent with Matt's immediate family, with my mother-in-law's parents coming in the afternoon. More presents...

Then on the 26th, Matt joined us and after dealing with some car trouble and a lot of ice, we finally made it to Berea to join my family. Exhausted, we hung out on the couch eating lots of junk waiting for the festivities to begin. And they did. We let the boys go first. We've finally gotten smart. We ate, let the boys do their stockings...and put them to bed!!! Ahhh...a Christmas that I could see what everyone got! Finally! Finished our trip with Happy Birthday, Jesus cake.

WHEW!!! Are you exhausted yet?!?!?!


Marissa said...

LOVE the pizza/tree!!!!!! What a great tradition to start! :)

Jen said...

Sounds exhausting, but very fun! Love the Pizza!