Monday, December 15

Kobylak Pierogi & Cookie Day

Wow, what a blast!! I had such a great time on Saturday with Matt's aunts and cousins. Eleven of us total got together to make way too many cookies and pierogis...all from scratch.

I've really been wanting to learn the art of pierogi making for years. And this year, when I heard that the family was doing a day of it, I couldn't NOT go! And I'm so glad I did. I put on my apron and jumped right in and learned the dough, the filling and the folding of them. If I had a tabletop mixer at home, I'd be making them right now! Oh yum. They were so good too! I'd invite you over to have some, but there are only 3 left...and they're MINE! (Actually, saving them for Matt.)

And then we make cookies. A LOT of cookies. I think 13 types! GEEZ. I have way too many cookies in my house.

It was crazy. But oh so much fun. There were rolling pins broken, wine drank, jokes told and great stories shared. I loved learning the process and all the new cookies. But really, I loved hanging out with Matt's family. We had such a amazing time we'll be doing it again next year!


Gene said...

Yes we did have fun, even though I am no Betty Crocker in the kitchen (which is no secret)LOL we came away with some great food and a good time. Love Mom K.

Jen said...

Sounds fun!! And I'll bring over my mixer if you'll make me some,LOL!!!

The D'Alessandro Family said...

I'm glad you had so much fun! I LOVE Pierogi's so I'm so jealous right now!

Kim Cervone said...

Those were some YUMMY pierogies. the frozen variety will never satisfy again!