Tuesday, December 30

Christmas 2008 Summary: returning to normal life

After our crazy days of Christmas-ing with our families, we had planned to go to Columbus to visit my favorite Aunt & Uncle. However, with the craziness of the holidays, I failed to look forward and realize she didn't have a crib for Max. There's no way that kiddo can sleep un-contained. I don't trust him and he wouldn't have it anyway.

So we returned home, making plans for the Columbus trip in February. Matt and I returned home on Sunday night, tired and overwhelmed with presents. BOTH cars were packed full. We even left a few presents behind to retrieve on our next trips "home" to our parents. When we finally unloaded, our living room looked chaotic. We sorted some, at least getting all the presents to the proper bedroom. We got the boys to bed and Matt and I rocked out to Guitar Hero World Tour.

The last two days have been filled with organizing and removing all the Christmas stuff from the house. Payton's room is ready and organized and Maxwell's room is going to be tackled this afternoon and tomorrow. The Christmas tree is down and it looks like normal daily life around here. Kind of sad really. But I'm ready to start the new year.

OH! And an update:
After my post about only have a few Christmas cards, we got them in swarms! One day we got TEN!! Our total thus far (and I expect a couple of straglers yet) is 49! Thank you to all who sent a card. I love see your faces and kind words.



The D'Alessandro Family said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! and I don't see my card on your door!!! JK!!!

love the new background! I was given a different website of free blog backgrounds, but told that a lot gets lost in the process which is why I haven't attempted it yet. Maybe this one is better!

Ellisa said...

You're there Michelle!! Row under the wreath, 2nd from the left, right next to Marissa/One Tantrum Away From A Breakdown.

P~Bear said...

It is good to get settled back into the routine. I know it is hard for you to travel so much, but having ALL of the family here was very special to me. This was one of the best Christmas celebrations that I have had in recent years.

We are looking forward to Maxwell's B-day.

I like your winter theme. Mine will probably be put up sometime next week.

Love you all - P~Bear

The D'Alessandro Family said...

Too Funny!!! I see it now!!! I really was just kidding!!!

and I hope you don't mind that I used your website for my background! right on the home page it even said that nothing will be lost! THANKS!!

Ellisa said...

Nope!!! Use away! I think they have a lot of cute options and it's so easy!!!

Marissa said...

I see my card on your wall! I remember how much fun I had last year looking at all of your Christmas cards, and wanting to steal your mittons/clothesline thing (I still want to steal it so lock it up...). :)

Jen said...

We are trying to return to "normal" too. I still haven't quite figured out what "normal is though,LOL!

And love the background site, I used it for mine too!

Kim Cervone said...

YAY Christmas cards!!! We finally got our card area filled too : )