Tuesday, May 19

My Favorite Worm

Today was Payton's "SPRING SPECTACULAR" for school. It was a chance for his "specials" teachers to show off what the kids have been working on for the year. They had the art displayed through the hallway, as well as a media project they worked on. And in the gym were some activities and games the kids play.

This was all followed by a musical performance. The kindergartners sang five songs about spring farming and growing. It was so cute! Payton was a little worm. He did not want to be a worm, but it was assigned to him. When he brought home the paper a few weeks ago, he cried because he wanted to be a chick or a farmer or a daffodil...anything but a worm.

His Papa Gene came to the rescue by attending the performance which meant that Payton was a worm with out any arguments or discussion! (THANKS, PAPA GENE!!) He sang his song and when it came time for him and 2 other students to do their "worm dance" he put his hands in his pocket and swayed his hips gently side to side like the little boy with no rhythm that he is.

He's done great work and we're all so proud of how much he has achieved mentally and physically this year.


Jen said...

I'm sure he was the cutest worm ever!!

Kim Cervone said...

Best looking worm EVER!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was told by PaPa that he was a great worm!!!!! Love Mom K