Thursday, May 14

Payton Turns Six

Goodness. Can you believe my oldest child is six years old? I feel like I just birthed him. But alas, his birth month is over. We finished by running over into May a bit (just to the third) to have his big family birthday party.

MONTHS ago my child decided on his birthday party theme, LEGOs. (He's a planner...he already has his Halloween costume chosen.) That was a tough one for me, but I managed to pull it off. A good number of family and family friends made the trip to Toledo for the big day. A special thank to our guest who traveled the farthest...Uncle Jason all the way from Atlanta, GA. He was so happy, J. He talked about it for days. Thanks for doing it!

Here are the pictures (with my new fancy camera!). ENJOY!


kjoiner5 said...

hmmm....I'm thinking up my birthday cake right now....
See, when my kids were little, if they said, "Lego cake" I said, "Kroger doesn't make them."

Jen said...

Great job on the cake, as always! Sounds like fun and the pics are so cute!