Thursday, May 14

Where it all began...

Almost 3 weeks ago now, out internet stopped working. I knew we'd paid the bill, so I couldn't figure out what was wrong. After a few consultations with my brothers, we figured out it was the network card. Simple replacement, $30, and we'd be up and running...

Unfortunately it wasn't so simple...or $30. Somewhere along the way, we decided to just get the new computer we'd been so anxiously wanting. Good thing I have a brother who is part owner in a computer store, huh?! :D THANKS, DAMON! After a series of unforunate events, the computer finally arrived, in several pieces and after getting the new pieces today, I was able to put it back together and TADA I'm back!!!

Since then, my last real update, we haven't been TOO busy, but staying busy none the less.
Here is my plan for updating. I hate to post too many because they get moved down faster than people check in and read. So:
Today: Payton's Birthday Party
Tomorrow: The Newest Love of My Life
Saturday: Teacher's Appreciation Week
Sunday: General catching up and Life without Matt (don't worry, I didn't kill him or anything)


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kjoiner5 said...

Tomorrow: The Newest Love of My Life

Sunday: ... and Life without Matt

Boy I can't wait to see how these stories pan out! ;)