Saturday, May 16

Teachers Appreciation Week

I honestly believe that next to family, the most important people in my child's life are his teachers. I am honored to be part of the Staff Appreciation Committee at Payton's school and for our first year, we wanted to make Teacher's Appreciation week a HUGE success.

We had parents write notes for their child's teachers and I read them aloud at all-school assembly that takes place every morning. Monday, we provided breakfast and huge banner made by some students. Wednesday they had lunch provided and Friday I made a cake. They got a couple little notions throughout the week and also a book assembled by us that had writings from each of their students.

I had chosen a cake that I thought I could do, but with Payton's birthday the week before, I was about fed up with cake. On Thursday night at 7pm, I finally sat down to decorate the cake I had been assembling over the last 24 hours. What was I going to do? Finally, it came to me!! The school mascot!! (created by Payton's infamous Uncle Jason...geez, he's getting a lot of face time this week!!)

It only took me about 5 hours to make the ingredients for the decorating and then decorate it. Not too bad really. And it was a huge success!! All the staff loved it and thought it looked great!


Anonymous said...

Your creation of Jason's creation is awesome!!!! Love Mom K.

Kim Cervone said...

Great teachers sure do deserve the praise, dont they?? And for some reason, the best ones are so surprised to get it!

Jen said...

Super great job on everything!!