Friday, May 8

Our Computer is in DELAWARE??

I'm still so far out of the Internet loop. I'm missing my social life online and I wish I was connected. Who knew how complicated this issue would be!!

I'm still getting online at Payton's school for now. Our computer has been accidentally shipped to Delaware instead of our home in Michigan. We expect it Monday. That seems so far away....

I have a ton of pictures to share. And I have two cakes I've made in the last week to share. And I'm LOVING my new camera!!! (Thanks, Jason!!!!!)

Have a good weekend! I'll update soon when we get our computer!!

I miss you guys! **KISSES**


The D'Alessandro Family said...

we miss you, too!

Jen said...

Miss you too! In the meantime I'll keep texting!

Kim Cervone said...

Weird. Maine or Minnesota, I could see, but DE??? What did they ever do before intenet??? xo Miss you too.