Wednesday, September 8

Back to School

After only two days, it seems we are all falling into our school year routines.  I'm in charge of laying out clothes for me and the boys and packing lunches and bags.  I wake and get out of the house before anyone else is awake.  Matt wakes the boys, feeds them, dresses them and gets them to school and our babysitter's house.  It all seems to be coming together.

Payton really likes his new teacher, Mr. Asper (Az-purr).  He is making friends and really likes his table mates.  He was upset today when Mr. Asper announced again that they do not have homework this week.  Payton loves homework.

Maxwell is really excited about being homeschooled by our friend Liz.  She's full on creative ideas and a great curriculum, so I'm sure he'll do well and learn a lot there.  He gets along great with her 4 kids and it should be an easy fit for them all.

It all seems to be going well here.  But it is only day two.

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