Saturday, September 18

School Lunches: Week 2 Review

We had another successful week of school lunches!

Two more boxes came in and they work much better.  I will be sending the one we've been using up to this weekend back to the GoGreenLunchbox company.

The food all went really well too.  I did have one little issue though...I made this banana hotdog thing.  It was a hotdog bun, spread with peanut butter, jelly and sprinkled with sunflower seeds.  Then I laid half a banana on the bun.  It would have been PERFECT for an eat at home meal, but traveling in the box to school it didn't fare so well.

Payton has been really happy with his notes too.  I've had a few friends who have even sent me a list of new fun facts for the white board.  His teacher has started asking him what the fact of the day was and he's sharing it with the class after lunch each day.

If you are on facebook, you can see our lunch pictures each day.  Thanks for all the support and encouragement!!

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