Saturday, September 11

School Lunches: Week 1 Review

We survived our first week of eating all "cold" lunches.  It went rather well and Payton enjoyed them.  I had a lot of smiles from him when I asked about lunch and some of the lunch aides said the wanted to know where I got that box he was using.  :)

He had pizza pockets twice this week and that was fine with me.  I know what's in them!  He also had peanut butter rollups.  He really liked those.  I cut a lot of fruit and veggies into shapes and it's just what he'd normally eat, but it looked like more fun I guess because it was all gone when he came home.   He is still really diggin' the ABC Grahams and the chocolate chip granola bites.  It's Saturday, but I'm still experimenting with lunch ideas, so today we had peanut butter and jelly burritos.  The kids loved them!

I've found the making of the lunch isn't so hard, it's the deciding what to pack that's difficult.  I've decided this week I will make a menu for the week.  Then when it's time to pack, I don't wonder...and I remember what he's already had! 

Overall, the GoGreen Lunchbox is a success.  He loves using it, but we have a lot of trouble closing just one of the sides.  I have tried it repeatedly at home and it's very difficult even for me.  I assume it's a defect of some kind.  We have two more trays on order and they should be here mid-week.  If those are easier and don't have any issues, I'll be contacting the owner of GoGreen to trade in my not so good one.  But even with this one issue, it's still amazing.  I love the size.  I love how much I can fit in a box and I love that it's easy to clean!

This weekend, we'll be trying two new recipes for our school lunches.  We'll be making these healthy and tasty looking Balls of Energy and Peanut Butter-Cinnamon Hummus.   Payton has also decided he wants me to make him a "banana hotdog" for lunch.  Hopefully he actually eats it instead of just thinking it looks funny.

I'll keep you posted!  Thanks for following along on our journey to healthy, happy lunches.

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