Sunday, September 26

Volleyball & Stuff

So, after only about 5 hours of practices, my varsity volleyball girls took the court for their first game. Thankfully, our JV team went first. It was a great chance for the girls to see a game in action and learn the rules and how things "move" on the court.

We didn't win any of our three matches, but the girls did an AMAZING job with attitude, positivity and effort. I can't wait to see them tomorrow at practice to tell them (again) how unbelievably proud of them I am. It may not be a winning season, but it's going to be a GREAT season. ♥

And...everything else is going well. I'm enjoying my job a lot again this year. Matt and Maxwell are falling into a great routine of "school", chores and errands. Payton is loving Mr. Asper. And we STILL have our foster dog MaxTheDog. Know anyone who wants a MinPin???

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