Monday, February 21

The Best Android App EVER!!!

A few days ago, I was browsing the Android Market on my LGAlly looking for an application that would give me some unique "live wallpapers". (That means an image on the main screen of my phone that changes throughout the day at set intervals.)

I came across this app and thought it looked cool. I'd love to travel more, but with my income and two kids, it'll be years before we get to go anywhere really impressive. The app, World Tour, takes pictures from various google cameras throughout the world. Every hour the image on my screen changes to one of about 75-100 locations.

Yesterday, we saw Times Square, the Vatican, Palm Springs, California, and a few other places. Today I saw the Eiffel Tower, Ground Zero, St. Peter Cathedral, San Diego, Seattle, and a few other places. Some of them are ordinary, like the giraffe exhibit at a zoo. Others are very cool, like a view of Earth divided into day and night.

The time stamp is on every image and so is location of each image. I've enjoyed my recent tour of the world; and so have the boys!

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