Friday, February 25

The Time Has Final Come: Deployment

First, let me start by saying I know, and fully recognize, how blessed Matt and I have been regarding deployments in the past. In fact, in the 10 years he's been in the military, he's had none to really speak of. I can't imagine the women who's husbands are gone for a full year to a combat zone...

But, this is still a change and difficult for us. On Wednesday, Matt was told he will be leaving April 1st to go to Andrews AFB in Maryland for 180 days. Six months. That's a long time. We hope to make a trip out there this summer, but it will have to wait until school is out.

We knew this was coming and we even agreed to it. But now it's here and it's happening and it's overwhelming me. Thirty-five days and then he'll be gone. We have a LOT to do in that 35 days; shopping, preparing, planning, and spending time together.

The boys don't know. Please don't be the one to tell them. We will be telling them mid March, a few days before their birthday party. Payton doesn't deal with stress well, so this will be hard for him. He'll be extra emotional and probably a little extra needy. Maxwell will need lots of cuddles and hugs. It will be extra hard for him because he's going to require full-day care five days a week. That will be a BIG adjustment for him.

A lot of changes will be happening in the next month. Please pray for Matt, for the boys and for me. Thank you in advance for all the love and support I know you'll give me and my family.


Gene said...

Where there for you when you need it. Love Mom K

K said...

I am here for the Kobylak family anyway that I can be helpful too!!!

The D'Alessandro Family said...

my heart and prayers go out to you! i've never been in this situation and can't even imagine what you may be feeling. you're a strong woman and a great mother and will do just fine - i'm confident!!! i'm always here if you want to talk, vent, scream, or cry. love ya :)