Sunday, February 27

Told the Boys

After several close calls with friends yesterday and today, Matt and I decided to tell the boys about the deployment this evening.  We really wanted to avoid them hearing about it through a conversation between adults.  We wanted them to hear it from us.  In kid friendly terms.

We sat them down on the couch and this is how it went:

Matt: You know how I'm in the military and that means I have to do what they military tells me.  I have to go away for awhile.  I'll be leaving in a few weeks and I'll be gone for a long time.  It won't be easy on anyone, but we know you can handle this and we'll all be ok.

Payton (with a shaky voice and tears in his eyes): I'll miss you a lot.  How long will you be gone??

Matt: About 6 months. 

Ellisa: He'll be gone the rest of this school year, all summer and into the next school year...almost until Halloween.  But we're going to go out there and see him in Washington, D.C.

Payton (with a shaky voice and tears in his eyes): That's long time!

Maxwell (who's been sitting quietly on my lap this whole time): YAY!! 

That's about the extent of it.  From there out, P had a few questions.  He wanted to know how this would effect his daily life.  He also realized that he has a friend who's been through her daddy's deployment and connected that.  And was excited when he realized that where Matt will be is where the president lives and is the nations capital.

Max, on the other hand, will not get this is really happening until Matt is packing to leave, goes away and doesn't come back. 


Caution Flag said...

That is such a very long time. A long, long, long time.

I think you need to meet my Marine-wife neighbor. They are about to move (again) but she will really understand where you are right now in the deployment.

Lindsey said...

I wish I could offer empathetic words and share a similar story, but I can't.What I CAN offer, though, is a lot of love and an offer to be here whenever you may need it - SEESTER to SESSTER. Love you!