Tuesday, February 8

Longest. Day. Ever.

**WARNING: This post may contain whining!**

Early this morning, the day was already slated to be a busy and chaotic one.  I knew I had a big event for the Scholastic Book Fair going on after school and I wanted to make it perfect.  Plus, I've been sick for the last 4-5 days.  I'm just feeling worn down.

But at 7:45am, the school's fire alarm went off.  So we had to evacuate the building.  It was 12 degrees outside.  Some of our students didn't have coats on because they were eating breakfast.  Without gloves, my fingers were REALLY REALLY cold.  I held students in my coat with me hoping to keep them as warm as possible.  In the end, we were able to get them into an administration building run by the city school district which is just across the street.  But we stood outside for at least 20 minutes!  BRRRRR...it was freezing!! 

The school day wasn't anything out of the ordinary, except setting up for the event.  But wow, was the set up after school a lot of work!  I had a great crew who was willing to help, thankfully.  But even when the event ended at 7:30pm, I had a lot of work just putting the finishing closing details together...with both my boys in tow. 

It's now 9:00pm.  The boys are finally asleep.  I am sipping a mug of tea and hoping that the pain relievers kick in soon.

My back hurts. 
My feet hurt.
And I think I'm still slightly frozen.

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