Saturday, February 26

The Planning Starts

It's starting to sink in that he's going.  It's been 72 hours that we've known now and I'm starting to be able to make plans.

We've figured out the basics of the finances and we're talking about taking a trip out there in July.  I have a list of "honey-dos" for him before he leaves (I refuse to have the Christmas lights on the house all summer!) and I've started a list of what we need to purchase for him. 

Friends are pouring out their love and support.  So many friends have offered to watch the boys when needed.  I hope I get to take advantage of it all!  I got a great message from a friend who's been through this; all the things to do and expect.  It was exactly what I needed...and brought me to tears.  In a good way - kind of. It's hard knowing what's to come, but was so great to know she's been there and took the time to share it with me.  Another friend and I are working out a weekly appointment where she'll come here so that I can go grocery shopping.  Yes, I could take the boys, and I will for quick trips, but I really, really dislike shopping with two kids in tow if I can avoid it.  Besides, this momma needs alone time! 

One of Matt's co-workers offered her husband for his husbandly services: house maintenance.  (Geez!  Get your mind out of the gutter!)  It's nice to know that I can call on him if something breaks or needs done.  This girl's pretty handy, but I can't do everything!  Now...if I could just find a neighborhood boy to mow my lawn a few days a week...Hmmmmm....

My inlaws came up to visit today.  We didn't talk much about the topic because the boys were always around, but we were able to speak in code a few times and got a few things worked out.  They'll be taking the boys the weekend tied to the first Friday of every month so that I can keep my girls' night!  It's so badly needed - even when my husband is home!

My mom has offered her loving services, too.  I hope she'll be able to come up one of the first few weeks Matt is gone.  And then once a month for a few days until school lets out... ugh.  This is going to be so long. 

I haven't let my emotions get the best of me yet.  I think it will happen soon though...I can feel them welling inside me.  Between the boys' birthday party in a few weeks and planning all this deployment stuff, it won't take long, I'm sure.


Gene said...

Hey I had my christmas lights up all yr once, you just learn to ignore them lol. Any way we will be there for you.Love Mom K

Lindsey said...

Let me know if you need absolutely anything. Who knows what the future will bring - maybe I can make it up at some point and help you out for a weekend. :)