Monday, February 21

THE Surprise!!

It's hard to keep a secret when I'm so very excited about...even if I'm the one planning it!! 

Matt and I had this great plan laid out for 2 of the 5 days we were on  break from school.  We would wake up the boys Thursday morning and just load up the car and go. But, of course, with kids, nothing ever goes as planned.  Sure enough, Wednesday night, they both have fevers of 102 degrees.  Of course!!

We talked it out, made a plan and went to bed.  If they were better, we'd go.  If they were sick, we'd stay.  If one of them was better and the other wasn't, we'd go.  We woke up Thursday morning; Payton was fine.  Max was less than fine.  Load 'em up!!

We dropped the dog at Matt's parents house (they love Ringo) and continued on our journey.  Payton thought he'd had it all figured out, but Max was the closest when he asked if we were going to the pool.  We let them guess along the way, but we never answer 'yes' or 'no'.

We finally arrived at our location at 3:00pm.  Castaway Bay, Sandusky, Ohio  Their reactions?  Payton: YES!  Thanks, Mom & Dad!!!  Maxwell: I don't wanna go in the water or down the slides!!  (insert tears here. Yeah, he was still sick.)

We met up with my parents who'd planned to join us and found our rooms.  We headed down to the waterpark area, enjoyed the slides and the play areas.  Matt and I had a good time, my mom enjoyed herself in the hot tub and Payton was loving the slides.  (Max only wanted to use the hot tub.  And my dad didn't leave his scooter, but took pictures.)  We had a decent dinner in the waterpark and just hung out for awhile.  Later in the evening, we went to hear a story from Snoopy and that was super cute.

The boys slept well and the next morning we did it all over again with Matt's parents added in.  We all had a great time and the boys thoroughly exhausted themselves. We heard "Thanks for bringing us here." often, which was a great bonus.  We'll probably go back again sometime, but I think Kalahari is our next waterpark adventure.

P.S. Payton was fine and never got sick again.  Maxwell is still sick 6 days later, but was able to enjoy the waterpark for a few hours of the 2 days.

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